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One of our virtual environments include three ESX servers, version 3.5 licensed as “ VMware Infrastructure Foundation Acceleration Kit for 6 Processors (Includes VirtualCenter Foundation, VI Foundation for 6 Processors).”

Our VMware license server was installed on a standalone server (separately from our vCenter server), so far so good.

The problem is that our VMware license server crashed and couldn’t be restored. After the completion of the 14 grace period days we were in a big trouble.

When we tried to change the license configuration of the ESX we have received the following error: The uploaded license content was not valid.


  • Download the installation of VMware license server for ESX 3.5 from VMware website: http://downloads.vmware.com/d/details/esx_35_licenseserver_dt/dGViZGVoKmJkZXBo
  • Connect to your VMware account and download your license file once again.
  • Install the VMware license server on a new server.
  • During the installation connect the license server to the license file.
  • From VMware vCenter ,Go to: Srart > Programs > VMware > VMware License Server > VMware License Server Tools , on the first tab (service/License File) choose  “Configuration using Services”


  • Open vSphere client, go to: Home > Hosts and Clusters > Stand on your ESX server > Configuration > Licensed Features
  • Edit the license method and change the license server name into the new VMware license server you have just installed.




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