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I have a windows 2008 R2 virtual machine that is configured with two network adapters but the windows only see one.

When I went to device manager I saw two network adapter devices but on the second one there was a yellow sign. (saying that the driver was not installed properly).

I’ve tried to update the VMware tools, I restarted the server several times but it still didn’t work.


  • Go to Server Manager > Diagnostics > Device Manager > Network Adapters
  • Stand on the problematic network adapter > Right click “Uninstall”


  • Afterwards on the root tree on device manager > Right click “Scan for hardware changes”





Idit  🙂


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I wanted to define user’s permissions on both “VMs and Templates” and “Hosts and clusters” for managing a virtual machine.  


  • First ,created a Role by the name: Snapshot User & Console , which has the following permissions:
  • Virtual machine > Interaction :
    • Console interaction
    • Device connection
    • Power Off
    • Power ON
    • Reset
  • Virtual machine > State :
    • Create Snapshot
    • Remove Snapshot
    • Rename Snapshot
    • Revert to Snapshot
  • Second, go to Home > VMs and Templates , go to the specific folder that I wanted and set the permission to the Role that I created : Snapshot User & Console. For example:  


  • Third, go to Home > Hosts and Clusters:
    • In order to clarify the terms , please view the following photo


  • Stand on the datacenter name > Permissions and give the user No Access with Propagate checked .


  • Stand on the folder name (below the datacenter – if exist) > Permissions and give the user No Access with Propagate checked . (the same as the picture above.
  • Stand on the cluster name > Permissions and give the user Read Only  without Propagate checked .      


  • In case you are using a resource pool, stand on the resource pool > Permissions and give the user Snapshot User & Console (with Propagate checked). In case you are not using resource pools you won’t be need to do anything because the permissions on the machine will be taken automatically from the permissions that you defined in “VMs and Templates”.

                          In case you have a resource pool


                         In case you don’t  have a resource pool


  • The final view that the user will see is as follow:



Yaron & Idit 🙂

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I was trying to store a user name and password for a certain server under Control Panel > Stored User Names and Passwords, but the button “Add” was missing. Confused? I was too…


  • Go to Start > Run > gpedit.msc
  • Go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options
  • Locate: Network Access: Do not Allow the storage credentials or .NET Passports for network authentication , set it to Disabled
  • Go to start > run > cmd > gpupdate /force
  • In order to check whether the change has been made , go to start > run > rsop.msc
  • If it won’t work , you can always restart the server.
  • Fixed!


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I had a server with Linux installed, I wanted to format this server and install instead Windows 2008 R2. But when I tried to install Windows 2008 R2, the installation didn’t recognize any disk at the server.


I restarted the server from the Smart Start CD and formatted the disks. Afterwards I restarted the server from windows 2008 R2 installation CD and the installation recognized the hard drives.


Idit. (The solution was provided by Assaf F. )

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