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I defined a role as I wanted, and connected it into a user, but when I try to login – I am stuck! I can’t pass over the login page. Don’t understand why?

The problem is due to lack of the following permissions:

Go to System > Roles and Rights > Role properties

  1. Uncheck “show only selected rights”
  2. Check overview > overview: view as shown below:



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  1. Discover the router whom you are interested in (in the vCenter server). According to the display name you will be able to know the proper folder which contains the router.
  2. Open an SSH channel to the ESX host and go to the folder number which appears in the display name.
  3. Shut down the router first, and then type the following command: cat ROUTER_NAME | grep “pass” , for example: cat 000056-VirtualRouter_C20F20_DoNotModify.vmx |grep “passwd”
  4. This is an example of the output:
  5. The letters after passwd=  until &KEYNUM is the password’s router. The user name is root.
  6. Power on the router
  7. Connect to the router using root user 

Useful Commands:

1. Ifconfig command for receiving IP information

2. Route command for receiving the routing table

3. iptables command for receiving the firewall table


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